TCN6800 IP68 Outdoor & Industrial Enclosure



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This IP68 Enclosure allows you to combine a powerful device and a robust enclosure together in a single unit. The housing provides high-level protection for your devices.

The TCN6800 can be mounted either on a wall or a pole (extra mounting required), and will survive in diverse temperatures and environments.

Designed to protect devices and connectors from extreme outdoor environments and harsh industrial conditions, the TCN6800 IP68 enclosure provides a weatherproof enclosure based on the available features of R2000/ R2000 Ent/R3000/R3000 Lite and many other models.

Key Features

  • IP68 NEMA Polycarbonate Electrical Enclosure
  • Meets NEMA 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 5, 6, 6P, 12 & 13 specifications
  • Designed to IP68 of IEC 529
  • Foam gasket makes enclosure ideal for use in adverse conditions
  • Tamper-resistant screws are pin-in torx drive, drive size: T25
  • Standard wall (included) or pole (requires extra accessory) mounting options
  • IP68 Vent Plug
  • Power Supply 12V, 20 Watts
  • Circuit breaker 480Vac, 5Amp
  • Applicable to the majority of Robustel’s products
  • Various antenna options for different scenarios




Industrial Enclosure

What's Included

  • IP68 Industrial Enclosure with mounting feet and anti-tamper screws
  • 2x IP68 Cable Glands
  • 1x Vent Plug
  • 1x DIN Rail with screws
  • 1 Mt Power Cable
  • 1x DIN-Rail Circuit Switch
  • 1x DIN-Rail Power Supply
  • 2x PCB On-connector Cellular Antennas
  • 1x Flat-Patch Wi-Fi Antenna


This industrial enclosure support the following models:

  • R1511
  • R1520
  • R2000
  • R3000
  • M1200
  • Ventilation System (Requires taller enclosure)
  • Long Range Antennas (External Dome Style)
  • GNSS Antenna (Supported models)


For customized enclosures on your own specifications contact our sales dept.